Human Trafficking and Sex Work: How to Stay Safe While Working at Hotels

By now, I’m certain many of you have heard about the latest drama involving the Marriott hotel chain. There have been numerous tweets claiming that women traveling alone will not only be targeted by the hotel, but the feds as well. Quite frankly, I’m disappointed I have to say this: that is a complete fabrication.

We’re at the point now where mentioning any attempt to combat human trafficking is met with extreme disdain and wild assumptions before the facts are even considered. Unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of people within the sex work community do not consider facts before reacting to things of this nature. Please consider this before you attack or harass anyone on their behalf.

Simply traveling alone as a woman is not suspicious and will not raise any red flags. However, some of the warning signs mentioned here on their website could apply to some of us who use hotels for incall locations. It’s very important that we focus on these signs instead of spreading hysteria. If we want to avoid trouble we need to be incredibly careful and always consider how our actions are being perceived while working. This is not only to protect ourselves, but our clients as well.

This is a direct quote of warning signs from their website:

– Minimal luggage and clothing
– Multiple men seen being escorted one at a time to a guest room
– Individuals who can’t speak freely or seem disoriented
– Guests who insist on little or no housekeeping

When we arrive at a hotel we intend to use for incall, we should be sober and behave in a manner that doesn’t raise suspicion. I often travel with very little luggage and turn away housekeeping,  but that wouldn’t be a cause for concern in itself.  However, the way I conduct myself outside of my room or the number of gentlemen I see could bring unwanted attention to myself. When they make checklists like this, it isn’t one thing they’re focusing on, it’s several things at once.  Which means the more that apply to you, the greater your risk of being caught.

Generally, when I do incall I’m only seeing one person which decreases my chances of being caught significantly. I’m aware that this is not the case with most providers , but if you intend to see multiple gentlemen in the same hotel be very careful. There are several things to consider before booking an incall location ( for example; staying in a hotel that’s busy will probably make you stand out less ). Aside from location considerations, you should be very careful about the number of clients you’re seen with as well. Clients should also consider how discreet they’re being while making their way through the lobby, up the elevators, and to their providers room. It’s also important to consider your behavior if you’re confronted ( this goes for providers and clients ). Should hotel staff question you, your reaction could determine their next move. If you’re instantly defensive, start attacking them, or behave unprofessionally that only makes your situation more suspicious. If questioned, you should have a plan on what you’ll say and try to appear relaxed.

An example of this would be something strange that actually happened to me:

I was leaving a session at a casino and as I got off the elevator I was asked to show a room key. This made me very nervous because I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone and I obviously didn’t have a roomkey. They also didn’t ask anyone else who exited the elevator for their room key either-just me. My reaction was to laugh it off and lie to them. I said my “friend” was passed out in the room, so I got bored and decided I wanted to explore a bit. They had zero proof of anything, they were only suspicious, so after that brief exchange I was able to make my way to the parking garage and leave. I’m certain that had I reacted differently that situation would not have gone as smoothly.

If you’re ever confronted by hotel staff or guests always conduct yourself in a respectful manner and have a plan. I cannot stress this enough! The second you get defensive and go on the attack, you’ve begun the process of digging your own grave.

Another issue I would like to discuss is human trafficking. Are there people out there who are convinced that there is zero difference between consensual sex work and trafficking? Absolutely yes. Are these people a majority? No. Whenever human trafficking or the prevention of it is mentioned I would love it if we stopped taking it as a direct attack. Human trafficking is a very real issue that is more widespread than people would like to believe. Anyone who wants to put an end to such an evil, horrific thing should not be punished. It’s up to us to make sure we aren’t bringing unnecessary attention to ourselves or throwing up any red flags. Also, knowing more about what could be perceived as a red flag is actually incredibly beneficial to us. The article Marriot shared on their website is more helpful than harmful to us if you look at it that way.

I know I’m saying this for the millionth time, but here it goes again: No matter what we do not every person on the planet will like, respect, support, or even want to tolerate sex workers. This is just a reality you have to accept. One way to change how we are perceived is how we behave when confronted by people who aren’t pro-sex work. I hate how often I have to say this and things like this, but I’m never going to stop even though I doubt it’s doing any good.  Anyway, please stay safe out there everyone and have a good night.

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